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 GW Funny Names...

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PostSubject: GW Funny Names...   Wed Jul 16, 2008 11:35 pm


I been Playing GW for a while now, and all along keeping track of what I think is Funny names...
You are welcome to had some more to my list,

Disturbed Ducks [QWEK]
Help We Need A Connection [Oo]
We Are Very [SxY]
My Wife Has A Drinking Problem [Me]
Need For Seed
Powerpuff Boys
You Play Like A [Girl]
Where Is My Bed
Blame The Monks
Mhenlos Slag
Girlz In Teh Hood [Girl]
Bambis Dont Say [Meow]
Draw Me A Sheep
My Balthazars Beard
We Hate PvE
Zero File Remainig
Alone In The [Dark]
We Will We Will Rock [YoU]
French Guys Looking For [Girl]
We Will Strike You In Five [SeCs]
Altar Control Every Four [MinS]
Nine Inch Veils [hex]
Pirates of [ebay]
War is God [FEAR]
French Frog Will Kill You [FRoG]
Rurik Drops the [SOAP]
And Then And Then And [Then]
Chop Chop Hey Panda's
Swing Baby Swing [Yeah]
Hug Me Im Naked.
My Liver Rock.
We Luv Girls Rap Money And [RNB]
I Sell My Guild On [eBay]
I Play With Fire [Burn]
Pets Can Not Heal You [Pet]
Our BEAVER is [cute]
Good Luck And Die
Peacefull Torture
Death By Coconuts
Hex And The City
Every Day We Get [High]
Power Cant Play GvG's
Some Pigs Might [FLY]
Pro Gai Married Mhenlo [YaY]
We Love Our Girls Three Time A [DaY]
Chocolate Player [MILK]
Please Dont Kill Us We Have A [DisC]
Gwen Is Preg [NanT]
Dont Stop Playing Even With Red [eYes]
Go Go Power Rangers Na Na Na Na [NaNA]
World Of Charcraft
Gods Best Creation [MEN]
A Guinea Pig Trick Me
Fight For Free [DoM]
Royal Straight Flush [Ace]
Show Your Skillz Plz [LmAo]
Our Monks Are So Bad [Kick]
Minotaurs On Steroidz [AatX]
Thanks God I Am Not French
The Dysfunctional Family
Penguin Terrorism
No Gutz No Glory
Disposable Heroes
There Is A New Sheriff In [Town]
Dont Pick Up Soap In [Jail]
We Quit Our Day Jobs [Ban]
Insert Coin To Continue
Yes We Have A Life [Lies]
Hard Nips In Siberia [poke]
Did They Hurt The Little Girl [yeah]
We Live In A Tent With Dial Up
We All Need A [KISS]
We Give You Cookies For Hoh [DEAL]
I Swear She Was Eightenn [GWEN]
Even The Captain Of The Titanic Said [Lag]
Shadow Step To [HoH]
Twinkle Twinkle Little [STAR]
We Want Cookies [NOW]
Professional Athletes [HGH]
Epic Failing Europeans [Euro]
Poly Want Crack
I Pee In The Snow
Wait Our Monk Is Watching You [tube]
Entire World Is Counts On Me [Vain]
Fast As A Turtle [WoOm]
We Shall Be Your [DooM]
Tickle My Fiancee [Goat]
Terror Of The Justice Salmon [FisH]
Do the Tyson Maneuver [Bite]
Learn To Play In A [TeaM]
I Think U Can [rsgn]
Fluffy Little Kitties [meow]
Witness Of Destiny [FatE]
Crazy Animal Hit Squad [ZoO]
God As A Guitar Hero [Rock]
No Comment You [Fail]
So Easy A Caveman Can Do It [pve]
We Interrupt Frenzy With [Gale]
Bend U Over And Take It Around [TowN]
Schizophrenia Beats Being [NuTs]
A Three Headed Monkey Behind U [LoOk]
You Shook Me All Night [LoNg]
No Skill Just [Luck]
I Like Red [Bull]
Ganked By My Hamster [lol]
Strike As One [Team]
Fat Kids Eat Fame [Cake]
We Beta Tested Your Girlfriend [Bug]
No Vent No Mouse No Monitor No [Way]
Godzilla Ate My [Town]
Mum Is Calling [Brb]
That Naga Stole My [Bike]

To be continue...
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PostSubject: Re: GW Funny Names...   Thu Jul 17, 2008 1:11 pm

frog one , u the french guy from the french connection, drug runner in the motor cars Wink

do u pick your toes in pikipsi.............{quote from the movie}.... Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: GW Funny Names...   Sat Jul 19, 2008 2:11 am

lol. Not too sure about the toes picking, but you are right on the name !
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PostSubject: Re: GW Funny Names...   Sat Jul 19, 2008 2:48 pm

i remember Dont stop playing even with red [eYes] from aggggggesssss ago

havent seen em since tho, uve been doing this a long time Wink
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PostSubject: Re: GW Funny Names...   

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GW Funny Names...
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